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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Where Wonder Blooms: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

What I like about the weather in Singapore is that it's pretty much like here the Philippines. I don't have winter clothes; just a bunch of blazers and light jackets. So if it were cold in SG, then I would be needing to shop for apparels that would be appropriate for such climate. Comparing theirs with ours, the only difference I noticed is that Singapore is warmer in December (especially at noon).

It was scorching hot when I got there so it was a good thing that I brought light and easy-to-wear pieces that helped me endure the heat. Since I was a tourist in a foreign country where no one practically knows me (I have no known relatives in SG), I found an excuse to try and be a little more daring yet laid back with the outfits that I wore. I wasn't quite in the mood to dress up so I threw on an over-sized sando which is practically open on both sides and paired it with checkered leggings which I thought was sort of a quirky (yet still a little edgy) combination.

For such a humid day, it was the perfect time to visit somewhere chilly. If we have Baguio or Tagaytay here in the country, in Singapore, all you have to do is drop by Gardens by the Bay - a cool conservatory complex and large horticultural attraction which offers an awe-inspiring fusion of nature and technology.   

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Style and Soul in Singapore

I knew blogging has opened doors for a lot of other people to travel around either locally or internationally. It just never occurred to me that one day, I'd be one of them.

This December, I went on a Singapore trip with five other bloggers made possible by AirAsia Philippines, AirAsiaGo and the Singapore Tourism Board. Allow me to endlessly talk about my trip as if my tweets, instagram uploads and facebook posts weren't enough. People say you never forget your first and true enough, my first-ever travel project will forever be memorable.

As one of the founders of Bloggers United, I really wished I was there to witness how successful our event was (which took place while I was away) and be able to get-together with some of the blogger friends that I haven't seen in such a long time. I was a little sad to have missed it but I have no regrets whatsoever. The Singapore trip was a rare opportunity that I couldn't ignore. It was just what I personally needed -- a different group of people, new sights to gawk at and fresh experiences to relish.

I've always wanted to travel around the world but it's something that I've always put off because of my incredibly busy work schedule, not to mention my sheer reluctance to spend my hard-earned savings. Sounds just like you? Haha. But really, with this trip, I found a new sense of boldness to go ahead and fly to certain parts of the world -- a confidence I gained from knowing that doing so isn't as expensive as thought it would be. With a carefully planned itinerary and proper research (check travel blogs for tips), travelling on a tight budget is now truly possible.


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